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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Criminal Progress

In all honesty, I live in a pretty decent neighborhood. The issue with STL is that it's "spotty." Good areas are never far from bad areas.

That being said, I still have gated parking, security cameras, double-locked doors. We had several cars broken into and one stolen from our lot two nights ago. As my friend Jason put it, "just to add a little more damage to that report: it was 11 cars and one stolen. 2 weeks ago it was just 5 break-ins. That's called criminal progress." I guess I'll start using that Club they gave me for free. At Oktoberfest a couple years back the Soulard Business Association had a booth set up. If you could show them your drivers license with a Soulard address they would give you a free club. Two years later, I've decided to actually use it.

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