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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Post About Nothing

I can't gather my thoughts into one cohesive post. Here's what's been on my mind this week:
  • Do you think I would be a better runner if I liked bananas? I'll choke 'em down before and after a race, but I would be a lot more eager if instead of post-race bananas they gave you post-race tacos. Post-race bacon, anyone?
Now Grandpa, that was a man that liked bananas.
  • Why is my dog always trying to steal my food? She's just tall enough that she can put her front paws on the counter and take anything. I always see her plotting to do this. Taking food from me when I'm in a state of runger is just rude. Marley, not only am I your best friend, I'm pretty sure I'm your ONLY friend. Don't be an asshole.
When she was this size, she couldn't reach the counter, but she was tall enough to knock the trash can over.
Maybe she's still trying to get back at me for the time I threw snow in her face. I thought she liked it.
I also thought she liked learning to long board. Maybe she's still mad about that, too.
Ahh, it must be the hat she's still angry about. Ole!
In all fairness, she walked right into that hose.
It just can't be stopped, this girl's hungry.
  • Here's what my ten-year-old sister got for her birthday: an ice skating birthday party. That's fine. Family dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse. That's also fine. we always get to pick where we eat on our birthday. She got a shopping spree at Justice. OK, that makes sense, she does need presents. Lastly, and here's the kicker...wait for it...she got an iPad. iPad's are unnecessary for millionaire business men, let alone a 5th grader. I would jump in front of a train if I thought it would improve her life, but I would not buy her an iPad. When I get an email from her, I shouldn't have to wonder if it's coming from her personal laptop, her Blackberry, or her iPad.

You have to love her.
  • Speaking of siblings, my little brother is dressing as Michael Jackson for Halloween. I find this awesome for several reasons. First, my little brother is an absolute stud. He's breaking hearts of eight-year-olds all over the state of Iowa. He's a charmer. He bases every choice based on whether or not the ladies will like it. He'll make a perfect Michael Jackson. Second, he can pull it off. Not only is he a stud, but he's a good dancer. He takes hip hop dance classes (He's very wise. Once, when I asked him about his hip hop class he said, "well it's fun, but I like to talk to the other boy. You know I like girls, and girls like me, but sometimes girls are kind of crazy, ya know?"). Lastly, I am thrilled that he likes Michael Jackson. When he was four he would call me and sing every word to the Copa Cabana. As adorable as it was, I disapproved of his choice in music. I'm glad he was able to eventually make good choices despite the fact that my step-dad is a member of the Barry Manilow fan club. I wish I was kidding.
Lock up your daughters.

My step-dad looks like a man that listens to Barry Manilow, does he not?
  • I hate Halloween. What causes our thoughts to change from "am I too old to go trick-or-treating?" to "where can I find stripper shoes to match my lingerie?" Ladies, wearing underwear and cat ears does not make you a cat. It makes you a girl that is most likely inappropriately dressed for the climate, and most certainly inappropriately dressed for public. If you wouldn't wear it in front of your dad (or anyone's dad, for that matter) don't wear it in public.

This is what we looked like last Halloween. You know it's Halloween because that's a man dressed as bacon behind us.
  • Speaking of dads, the older my dad gets, the less he looks like Forrest Gump. I find this disappointing.

When I'm right, I'm right.
  • The Nike Women's Marathon: I told my friend Jenn that I wouldn't want to run a women's marathon. That's too many chics for me. She said, "well, I just want the Tiffany necklace." Excuse me? Tiffany necklace? Apparently when you finish that race a fireman hands you a blue box with a Tiffany necklace inside. Excuse me? Firemen? OK, I am highly interested in running the Nike Women's marathon.
  • Holy Boston, Batman! I'm proud of all my friends that earned a spot there, but I'm not proud of all the ugliness the controversy brought out in a lot of runners. I would be crushed too, I'm sure. So, I'm also sorry for all the runners that didn't get in. Boston is just like anything else, once everybody starts talking about it, I want them to stop.
  • While we're talking about running, let me just say I'm out of my damn mind. I haven't ran my first marathon yet, but I signed up for two more next year. I'll be doing with Cowtown challenge in Ft. Worth in February with Jenn, Lee and Isis (The Running Couple), and some other DM/Twitter friends. I somehow got convinced to sign up for MDI next October. I'm pretty scared of that one. I already asked a friend to run the Cleveland Marathon in May, and I'm trying to convince my cousin to do Rock n Roll Seattle in June. On top of that, I have a Ragnar team for June, Rock n Roll Chicago Half in August, Rock n Roll STL Half in October, and I'm sure I'll somehow participate in the Go! STL Marathon Relay or Half.

This is my friend in Cleveland. He's a Cross Fit and general fitness rock star. He ran a marathon without even training because he said, "I felt like I should just be able to do it." When I asked him if he wanted to do the Cleveland Marathon with me, he didn't even stop to think, he just said, "sure." What a bad ass.
  • You know you're a runner when you have no Saturday night plans, but you have Saturday morning plans. Being a runner interferes with my social life.
  • Whenever I'm running and I approach another runner, I always want to raise my hand to give them a high five. It would make me really happy, but I haven't done it for fear of scaring the other runner.
  • The Halloween 10k was pretty fun. It was nice to see a large mass of sober people moving through my neighborhood for once. The race was poorly organized and the support wasn't very good, but it was only a 10k so I guess that's not a big deal. I felt very popular because I ran into several different people that I knew, some before the race, some while running, some watching, and a couple afterward. They were EVERYWHERE.

Yep, there's my house in the background.

I can barely run in clothes that are made for running. I don't know how people run in paper mache anything.

That's all for now. Thanks for listening, or not listening. Either one.


  1. MDI!! YES!! i just registered myself... does this mean we have to train for hills? or can we just convince ourselves that the people who have run before who are talking about all the hills are lying.....? :)
    maine is beautiful in the fall, you will LOVE it. good luck with your training and upcoming races!

  2. Hmm... looks like I need to rethink my costume for Monster Dash Chicago... :p

    When you give them a high-five, you have to announce the high-five or people won't get it. Trust me. I know. Do this... say, "Good morning!" Then say,"runner's high five!" Trust me. IT works.

    Your pup looks like my nephew Maxwell. He's a hand full and my cousin wants me to walk/run him to tucker him out at night. I'm afraid of him draining my my batteries!

    Yeah, your Cleveland friend is pretty bad ass. He's right. I think everyone should be in good enough shape to endure a marathon. I mean, c'mon, what would happen if we're in Europe and get involved with some Bourne Identity type action. It's totally could happen.


  3. Ok so I just got back from Nike Women's and while I loved getting the Tiffanys Necklace (its gorgeous) from a fireman, I'd have to say overall I was very disappointed with the race. I'll blog about it later this week in detail and then obviously you can decide for yourself but just thought I'd share my opinion. :)

  4. omg. i love this post. i ran nike in 2009 - i loved it. i would so do it again. and i too have no idea how to run with a huge paper mache ass. yikes.

  5. I want to be your brother. Heck, I want to be your sister.

    Post-race tacos would be a winner. Oklahoma City had post-race cheeseburgers from Carls/Hardees. Pretty sweet deal.

  6. Danielle, since Jamie told us he would be waiting with beer and sandwiches, that's all the more incentive for us to train. The faster we run, the quicker we get beer & sammiches. He's fast though, so he'll still be waiting a while.

    Mark, I'm going to try this runner's high five thing, I really am.

    Court, I still hope you had a good time!

    Barbie, I don't know how to run with my own ass, let alone a paper mache addition.

    Sam, you wish you could be cool enough to be a sibling of mine.

  7. Was that the Go! STL 10K? There was a guy in a gorilla suit. Seriously? I was dying in tights and shorts.

    That puppy picture of your dog is adorable. I wish I'd had my dog when he was a puppy just so I could have some pictures like that. He looks a lot like her, only with a beard. And bigger hair.