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Monday, October 11, 2010

44 Goals in 44 Days.

I have 44 days until my marathon! That is just far enough away for me to get some solid training in, and just close enough for me to start freaking out. So, in the next 44 days I have 44 things that I want to accomplish.

1. Stop freaking the hell out. I know I will finish it, so I have no reason to start hyperventilating quite yet. I completed a 39 mile walk for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer when I was completely out of shape. So if it comes down to it, I know I'll be able to walk it at the very least.
2. Get a couple more long runs in. To date, my longest run was 17 miles. On my training schedule I have two 16s, two 20s, and a 12 still on the schedule. I'll need both 20 milers under my belt to have the confidence to do this.
3. Cut out the drinking. I'm by no means an out of control drinker, it just seems that way because I just got back from a week long bender. It's hard to get long runs in and stay hydrated if you're boozing and hungover all the time. There are two exceptions to this: Homecoming and Thanksgiving. Any gathering of my college friends is bound to crazy, but if you put us in a tailgating lot it's going to get bananas. Also, the night before Thanksgiving is a very big party night as you get together with all your old friends, and the day of Thanksgiving is usually a shit show because my mother seems to disapprove of my sobriety.
You can't get the crew together without obscene shenanigans. I can't wait for Homecoming.
I can promise you that we won't behave.
Like mother like daughter. We're good German-Irish girls, what do you expect?
4. Stop eating whatever the hell I want. Last year, when I was in prime shape I was able to run and eat whatever I want and still look great and feel great. Part of it's old age, part of it is a thyroid disorder, but I know I have to be more careful. Your body runs best on healthy food, it's as simple as that. I live across the street from a farmer's market, so I have no excuse.
5. Lose 5 lbs. Trust me, cutting out alcohol alone will take care of this. Marathon training isn't a time to cut the calories I need, so I don't plan on doing that. Cutting back a bit of weight will make 26 miles that much easier.
6. Get my running buddy out more often. I don't love running with my dog, but she deserves to go on some of my easier runs. Plus, she's a good runner.
Let's hit the trails, Marley girl.
7. Get my running buddy out for more than runs. She loves to hike, walk, and go for drives. Every now and then she deserves a walk to the coffee shop to hang out while I read, or to walk to Lafayette Square to bark at the ducks.
She's a talented lady and is amazing at fetch.

7. Study more. Luckily, school has always came easily to me. The last week of our semester we always have to sit for standardized practice nursing boards. It requires that you really know your stuff, and that you're well rested and able to think clearly. My marathon is the weekend before my finals, so I'll really need to know my stuff because being well rested may or may not happen.
8. Get my dad healthy. In the past few months he fell off a ladder and got a concussion, then pulled a muscle in his groin, and then strained his back. He a couple months of work. I'm really going to harp on him to get out walking and to make sure he stretches. Getting him to eat right is an entirely different matter, but I'll see what I can do. He's pretty much my favorite person on the planet, so I want him to live a long and healthy life. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, so I can't expect him to be in perfect shape, but that's all the more reason for him to get healthy.
I got him the shoes, now let's get him out there.
9. Go watch a race. Spectators make an unbelievable difference in a race. I want to go watch and cheer on other people to make a difference for them. Plus, being a part of the racing world really helps to keep your spirits up.
10. Eat BBQ and lots of it. I prefer KC BBQ to Memphis Style, but I am going to destroy Memphis, home of the BBQ nachos after I burn 3000 calories on race day.
Oh Man, I love Memphis.
11. Run another race. I always get nervous on race day, so I need a couple more races mornings between now and then. I am running the Halloween 10K on Sunday. I'm scheduled for 16 miles on Saturday, so I'll probably just use it as a recovery, but again, being a part of the community is what's important.
12. Get a costume for the Halloween 10K. (6 days and counting, people) I'm tall and blond, so I'm thinking an empty box of wine and a diet coke can and I could pull off Sweet Dee.
13. Figure out what I'm wearing. Clothes are important for race day, we all know that.
14. To iPod, or not to iPod? I normally run with music, but lately I've enjoyed it without. I ran the Lewis & Clark last weekend without it and I really enjoyed it. I like talking to strangers, so it's fun to chat with people on race day. I need to figure out if I'm going to take my iPod or not.
15. Add to my motivation door. It's kind of fun to look at but I haven't put anything up in a while.
Old bibs, an autograph from Josh Cox, a reminder from Brooks to Run Happy, quotes that work for me and a fortune I got at RnR Chicago that says, "I think I can. I think I can." It's also where I hang my running hat.
16. Get my lovely friend to run a race. She just began to attempt running, and I told her I would practice for and run a 5K with her, whatever her pace. I'm very proud of her, and I want to hold her to this.
See that pretty lady on the right? She just started exercising and I'm going to get her out there. The fact that she finds me inspirational means a lot. I'm SO proud of her.
17. Get my bike out. I haven't ridden it lately because I'm tired of riding through the ghetto. I'll take it out to the KT trail and get some good miles in once the leaves start changing.
Martha (my bike) is getting lonely.
18. Take my buddy John out to lunch. We go out every couple of weeks and he always pays because he's a gentlemen like that. He watches my dog every now and then. He just watched her while I was in Canada. I have to suck up to him so that he'll watch her when I'm in Memphis.
John also lets me sneak to his roof and enjoy the view. He's a good friend like that. Just another thing he's good for.
19. Do something with Jenn. Not that we don't hang out all the time anyway, but she keeps me realistically motivated and she keeps me having fun. She's been my running buddy and a big motivator. Hopefully we can get out for a bike ride or run some hills.
You can see why we're friends. No alcohol beyond this point is just a fancy way of saying, "chug."
20. Speaking of Jenn, maybe she can hit the trails with me. I don't want to risk injury this close to the race, but I would like to take it easy on a trail run a time or two.
21. Post race, you better believe I'm going to party.
No Absinthe, but party just the same.
22. Drink more water. I already drink a lot of water, but I don't ever want to come in from a run using inadequate hydration as an excuse.
23. Get a massage. I have a good Groupon for one, and I think I deserve it. It can only help.
24. Recover properly.
25. Get enough sleep. This isn't usually a problem. I don't stay up studying all night, but I do typically get up pretty early.
26. Get new running shoes. Now that I've decided that my Brooks are the way to go, I need to get a new pair and break them in.
27. Get a good luck gift for all the ladies that are going. 14 people from my work are going down, three for the marathon, and the rest for the half. For four of them it will be their first race ever. I remember my first race and I was terrified.
28. Um, finish.
29. Do this for ME. I ran my first half marathon last year. I signed up because I knew it would be difficult, and I wanted to challenge myself. My boyfriend (at the time) decided to sign up with me. The ass ran the whole thing 15 feet in front of me because he said he couldn't run my pace. He did run my pace, just right where he was close enough for me to see but not be able to talk to. As if my first half wasn't torturous enough, that was just downright miserable. Even though I know a lot who will be running, this time it's all me, all by myself.
30. Sign my family and friends up for text alerts.
31. Make a packing list and a race day list. Check it 14 times.
32. Thank all my friends, family, Daily Mile, and Twitter friends for all the love, support, and advice they have given me.
33. Blog a couple more long runs.
34. Buy some throwaway clothes. Last weekend I forgot and a friend had to bring me an old coat to wear at the starting line.
35. Reread over my motivation 27 times.
36. Read "Born to Run"
37. Watch "Spirit of the Marathon" again.
38. Sign up for a race that will happen after my marathon. I don't want to lose my drive to run.
39. Start new countdowns on my MacBook. Most of my countdowns have expired. Right now all my countdowns are for the marathon, Mexico, and graduation. I want to add another marathon, and now that we have a team I can add Ragnar to that list.
40. Donate old running shoes. I'll keep my first pair, because they have sentiment, but I have a few pairs that can go.
41. Go running in a different neighborhood. I haven't ran a race in a place I'm not familiar with. Even in Chicago I knew where I was the whole time. This will be the first time where I am running and have NO idea where I am. I've only been to Memphis once, and we didn't make it too far off Beale Street.
42. Have a treat waiting for me when I finish, like a little tub of Ben & Jerry's Triple Caramel Chunk.
43. Do my best.
44. Have fun.

It's only "about an hour," right?


  1. Always a pleasure, a motivator and enough humor to know you're enjoying it still. Thanks for sharing!
    A Future Marathoner

  2. Rock it, Ashley! You sound focused and raring to go. Go get'em!

  3. You are going to kick butt! I had a hard time adjusting my diet after being treated for my thyroid disorder. I was nice to eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight. Ah the good ol' days.